Silent Symphony
Silent Symphony is sure to delight the young in spirit. This kaleidoscope is full of the wonder and magic of the first quiet snowfall of winter, when the boughs hang heavy and all around glistens under a silvery white blanket of snow. Silent Symphony’s exterior is curly maple aniline-dyed to a stormy blue. The artwork for the delicate laser-engraved exteriors and the interior snowflake patterned mirror systems was inspired by magnified photos of real snowflakes. A combination of carefully selected and hand-assembled components in frosty colors and textures sparkle before a background of hand-painted crystalline glass. Two different mirror systems were chosen specifically to represent the 6-point symmetry of snowflakes. Silent Symphony is available in either a 2-mirror single snowflake pattern or a repeat snowflake pattern. To preserve exterior colors, please do not display in direct sunlight.

In a moment of stillness, capture the magic of Nature’s own frosty mandalas with Silent Symphony – It’s music to your eyes!

Note: We're sorry, Silent Symphony is no longer in production.