Rhapsody in Blues
With an equally dramatic exterior and interior image, Rhapsody in Blues, is a visual tribute to the exhilarating musical work by George Gershwinn.

Dominant in blues with complimentary accents, Rhapsody's images will bedazzle you with its luminescent array of dichroic glass, Swarovski cut crystal, Japanese miracle beads, fiber-optic, and other vibrant jewels. New to our repertoire is this 9-point two-mirror system.

Rhapsody is Blues also premieres a new process for Durette Studios: Laminated solid woood lathe-turned barrels. This kaleidoscope features the organic beauty of spalted Western Maple. This dynamic wood is salvaged from wind-fallen or dying maples with a dramatic black figuring caused by an invading fungus. All trees are from our Western Washington area and are processed in a natural and eco-friendly manner. Because spalted maple is in various stages of decay, crafting with this wood in any form is an involved process. The wood is milled, kiln-dried, stabilized where soft, filled, sealed, and lacquered for protection and durability. The results are spectacular and each pice is clearly one of a kind. For Earth's Beauty, we give thanks.

Note: We're sorry, Rhapsody in Blues is no longer in production.