Old world Halloween charm reigns in this charming piece of nostalgia and sweetness. Known for their prized series of collectible holiday scopes, Luc and Sallie have again joined forces with renowned Scherenschnitte artist (a fabulous German art-form from the 16th century of scissor cutting into paper), Marie-Helene Grabman, to create a tribute to our childhood memories of trick-or-treating. Inside and out, BOO! is a walk down memory lane of childhood delights. The images of a traditional jack-o-lantern, a sugar cookie ghost, glass candy corn made on our torch, a beautiful gold mask, a black spider, a scarecrow; together with all the traditional colors of the Autumn harvest, with a splash of purple and deep teal for interest. The exterior design was conceived by Luc and Sallie, and cut into paper by Marie-Helene, then individually laser-cut. The interior image is created with a laser-cut spiderweb for a border, so all your visions are ghoulish! This kaleidoscope will return you to your happy Halloween memories of your childhood. Happy Haunting!